Where Should a Tunic Top Finish?

X shape vs 8 Shape - widest point

Imogen I would like your opinion on the hem length of tunic type tops. I’m a knitting designer and teacher and this topic comes up in my Fit and Flatter classes. I think women slimmest when the hem hits just below the crotch so that the leg length is undetermined by the viewer and therefore […]

Why You Should Stop Buying Clothes that Don’t Fit Right Now

Luxury Handbag

Have you ever knowingly bought a piece of clothing that doesn’t fit right now?   You try it on in the store and think to yourself, sure it’s a little tight, but when I’ve lost those last 2kg (5 pounds) then it’ll be perfect.  I thought I was too clever to do this, but I […]

How to Fit a Bra – Berlei vs Freya

The underwire must sit flat against your chest

Yesterday I got all excited when I discovered that Berlei do a range of bras that go up to an H cup.  So I decided to go and try on and see how they fit.  To make a comparison I took 2 Berlei and 2 Freya bras into the change room. When fitting a bra, […]

Fit Issues – Bunching at the Back

One of my readers commented on a post about common issues with fit:I’ve had problems with certain tops bunching in the back, too. What’s up with that? Most bunching comes from your body shape being not related to the shape that the garment was cut for.  Too much fabric in an area that doesn’t have the: […]

Where to End Your Skirts

  I was wondering if you might address correct hem lengths in one of your future blogs.  I am on the short side (5′ 4″) so almost all of my clothing needs to be shorted but I am never quite sure what the correct length is.  For example, are pencil skirts and dresses hemmed at […]

Which is Your Best White

All whites are not the same, and different whites suit different colouring. white by imogenl featuring short tops We can go from a very bright white which is cool and quite stark and only suits those with very cool colouring, via a soft white, through ivory to cream, which is very warm and suits those […]

Common Issues with Fit

There are lots of problems with the fit of commercially made garments, these are things that if you’re making the garment you can alter out of the pattern. But before you buy, make sure these are not problems built into the garment for you. Common Fit Issues by imogenl featuring rayon pants Some other problems […]

Why Armholes Matter

  Effect of Armholes by imogenl featuring a grey long sleeve t shirt How the sleeve is cut and fits into a top or jacket can change the way a garment appears on your body.  If you have a deeper, lower cut armhole, this will add some bulk to your chest region, so is great […]

Why Do My Pants Pull Across My Crotch

.One of the comments left on a post the other day was this:  jinnan-tonnyx said… Can you explain more about why trousers pull across the crotch on X shapes? I am an X and whenever I buy a new pair of pants my husband always says they don’t fit right – and I tell him, they […]

Weekend Reading – Researching, Revamping, Revealing

..Researching: I’ve read a couple of times about Evernote.com  and what a great way it is to keep information close to your fingertips, so I’ve started playing with it.  Whether you want to import information from your computer, or clip information you find on the internet it’s a great, searchable database for all the bits […]