Workshop Wonderland and Media Mastery with Jill Chivers

Many of you may know Jill Chivers from the videos we’ve created together on a variety of topics from colour to accessorizing and shopping. Jill is an amazing workshop facilitator and is running a course on how to make your workshops better and more interactive. It’s not industry specific, so if you’re interested in doing […]

Imogen on 7 News

I was called up by a journalist on 7 News, one of the local TV stations in Melbourne on Tuesday and asked to comment on one of our local high street fashion retailers increasing their clothing sizing to a size 16. Given that according to CHOICE the average Australian woman is a size 16 (Australian), […]

Travelling Light on the Radio


I’m about to head out to JoyFM (Melbourne radio station 94.9FM) to do an interview on the travel show Detours about my ebook Travelling Light and to also talk about some of my recent travel experiences. ¬† You can listen on the radio or can download the podcast here.

Weekend Reading: 3 September 2011

Here is an interview I did recently for a local Melbourne Leader Newspaper on blogging. ¬†Super Kawaii Mama is also interviewed for the article. Bree, The Blog Stylist (this week’s Stylish Thoughts writer) has put together the most incredible resource called The Bloggers Domain which has the answer to pretty much anything a blogger could […]

Women in the Political Public Eye

Last night, around dinner time I was rung up by a journalist for the Herald Sun newspaper (tabloid in Melbourne) and asked to comment on racing identity Gai Waterhouse’s blog comments about our Prime Minister Julia Gillard needing some help with her image. “She desperately needs a make-over. It wasn’t the carnage behind that gave […]

How to Prepare for a Book Publicity Tour

On Friday I had lunch with author Nick Earls (Bachelor Kisses) and apart from all the hilarious stories (sorry, sworn to secrecy) he told me of life on the publicity trail (which I used to take him on over 10 years ago – during my life before I became an image consultant), he also mentioned […]