Stylish Thoughts – Sue Serle

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Today’s Stylish Thoughts comes from Newcastle (Australia) based Evolve Your Style member and purveyor Vintage and Pre-loved clothing via her online store Over the Hill and Far Away, the lovely Sue Serle. What is the secret to great style? Confidence! Knowing that every day is a new opportunity and confidence is the key. Style to […]

7 Top Tips to What Dates and What Becomes Timeless

After a recent discussion with the Evolve Your Style group members, when deciding what to keep and what to throw out (because it is dated), I was asked about what is dated and what becomes timeless. I thought I’d ask one of our group members and recent Stylish Thoughts contributor Lisa White share her thoughts on […]

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Stylish Thoughts – Alison Goodman

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Super excited to be able to share the Stylish Thoughts of author and Evolve Your Style(er) Alison Goodman. She’s based in Melbourne, Australia and you can find out more about her books here. What is the secret to great style? I am still pondering this one, and I think I may be doing so for […]

Evening Shoes for Short Legs

I’m 5 ft 2 inches a petite athletic frame and weigh 118 lbs  I have short legs and muscular thighs and calves. What dress shoes / evening style do it west to give my legs a longer slimming look. Also heel and strapping styles Thank you so much.   evening shoes for petites with curvy […]

Do You Want to Evolve Your Style?


Are you in a style rut? Do you want to have a more polished personal style? Do you want to know what in your wardrobe is working for you and what you should let go? In my 31 day Style Challenge – Evolve Your Style – along with the Facebook group, you will discover so […]

What’s Your Contrast?

value contrast tool

Contrast is one of those subjects that has been coming up lots in my Evolve Your Style and 7 Steps to Style programs in the past week or so. I thought I’d make this video to talk about understanding your contrast and how to figure it out. Here is a handy contrast tool for you […]

Should You Keep It or Bin It?

Young woman is sorting out her laundry at home

In the discussion that goes on on the Evolve Your Style Facebook page, frequently there is talk of whether or not a garment should be kept or let go (to a new home of some sort). One of the great things about the Evolve program is that it gives you a chance to really assess all […]

Stylish Thoughts – Lisa White

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Today my Stylish Thoughts interview is with one of my great Evolve Your Style members who has a really great sense of style.  Please let me introduce  Lisa White from Chicago (USA).   IMOGEN LAMPORT; WHAT IS THE SECRET TO GREAT STYLE?  Lisa White: The secret to great style is knowing the difference between fashion and […]

How to Look Smart but Not Overdressed

One dress six ways

I like to dress with a level 1 combined with level 2 level of refinement, but don’t want to look try hard or overdressed when not dressing for more formal or fancy occasions. What to wear? If you are a more formal dresser naturally, you prefer more classic or structured clothes, finer fabrics and a […]

Stylish Thoughts – Ruby’s Musings


Today I’m really excited to share the stylish thoughts of Sacremento, California (USA) blogger end participant in my Evolve Your Style program, Stephanie of Ruby’s Musings What is the secret to great style? Be true to who you are. Find what works for you, your life, your personality and do not be afraid to color […]