Using Yin and Yang in Clothing Design to Balance Your Appearance

The other day I posted about the concept of Yin and Yang (advancing and receding elements) in clothing design. You may have started to think about the clothes you choose and what they are communicating, but have you thought about your own physical appearance and what it may naturally communicate and how you can use […]

The Yin and Yang of Clothing

Have you ever considered Yin and Yang (or Receding and Advancing) in relation to your clothes?  I first read about this concept in Judith Rasband’s Wardrobe Strategies for Women, and realised that it relates to all personality style and why each style communicates in the way it does. It’s a powerful tool to help you […]

My Style Philosophy – Rules are Made to Be Broken

Break Your Style Rules

As my regular readers would be aware, I spend many hours, days and weeks writing blog posts to give you sets of rules to work with to find out what works for your unique body and all its glorious features. Many may think that I’m obsessed with rules and believe that we should all stick […]

How to Style Print Pants

Hi Imogen, do you think you could share your tips on styling print pants? They are everywhere this season and although I’m not a slave to fashion, I bought a pair or black and white ones that I love, but what to wear them with?!   How to style print pants by imogenl featuring a […]

My Style Crush – Blue and White

Style crush

Blue and white patterned items have long been a style crush of mine. From willow patterned plates to Ming vases, I’ve long been in love with the simplicity of the colour scheme along with the curvy detailed, oriental feel of the pattern. The minute I saw the blouse I’m wearing in the picture above, I […]

Using Simultaneous Contrast to Change the Way a Colour Looks

Hi Imogen, Thank you for your awesome posts. I have a question about colour : It is said that colour is dynamic as it can change when it is next to other colours. Does that mean that we can play with this ability of colour when putting an outfit together ? Can we intentionally alter […]

Stylish Thoughts – Emma of This Kind Choice

Emma of This Kind Choice

Today’s Stylish Thoughts interview comes from Wellington, New Zealand based blogger Emma of This Kind Choice. How would you describe your personal style? My style has become a lot more refined over the past year and a half thanks to becoming more interested in the ethical and environmental impacts of my clothing choices. I began […]

What to Wear When you Don’t Have Great Legs

Hi, I live in drought-ridden California (SF Bay Area) and am bracing for very hot weather this spring and summer. Even now, in mid-February, it’s in the 70s. What do you suggest a woman who is over 55 like me and not proud of her legs anymore wear in terms of dresses and shorts. I […]

Stylish Thoughts – Lady Melbourne

This week’s Stylish Thoughts is from the blogger Phoebe who writes the blog Lady Melbourne. What is the secret to great style? It can’t be learned, you either have it or you don’t in my book. Chanel, Vreeland, Hepburn- I don’t even need to use their first name and we can all conjure how truly […]

Style Statement with Friends – How to Play the Game

Imogen is

Who are you and how do you want to be perceived? This is something I work through with my Style clients to discover who they are and how we can translate their personality into an authentic expression through their clothing and grooming. If you’ve thought about this topic before and have wondered how you are […]