Stylish Thoughts – The Yogatastic Shopping Planner

mette from the yogatastic shopping planner

Today I’m really excited to be sharing the stylish thoughts of  Mette from Denmark who writes the blog  The Yogastic Shopping Planner and who is also one of my Evolve Your Style members. How would you describe your personal style? My style is flirty, unexpected, current, genuine, ornate and fun! With a dash of bad-ass […]

Finding Your Style Recipe

you are a work of art in progress

One of the things I enjoy most with my Evolve Your Style and 7 Steps to Style programs is watching women discover what they love and style recipes as they work through the information.  To me this is the most important elements is finding what really suits you, beyond the body shape stuff.   Now the other […]

Stylish Thoughts – Ruth Essex of My Colour Coach

Ruth Crofts

Today I’m delighted to introduce to you Ruth Crofts of Great Dunmow, Essex (UK) based image consultant/blogger of My Colour Coach and Evolve Your Style member. What is the secret to great style? Beauty bundles! I have to give credit to Brenda Kinsel  for this in her book ‘Fashion Makeover. 30 days to Diva Style.’ […]

How to Break Your Style Rules Like a Pro

Know the rules like a pro so you can break them like an artist

The other day there was a conversation over on the 7 Steps for Style private Facebook forum about breaking style rules and I loved this quote supplied by one of the members.  There was a question about how many rules can you break and how far you can push them. How far can you go […]

Stylish Thoughts – Esme and the Laneway


  I’m excited to be sharing the stylish thoughts of Melbourne (Australia) based, of English extraction blogger Marianne of Esme and the Laneway. What is the secret to great style? I think it’s a mix of wearing the things you love and are most comfortable in, and wearing what suits you and your shape. Sometimes […]

The Wedding Photos


Thanks for all your lovely wedding wishes, here are a few photos from the day!  The ceremony was held at the Melbourne Registry Office which is in the Old Treasury Building (a beautiful old sandstone building).     My dress was made by brilliant dressmaker Alfia Galimova who took the fabric that I’d bought some […]

Stylish Thoughts – Kim Williams of Individually You

Kim williams 2

I’m delighted to introduce to you today the Stylish Thoughts of Canberra (Australia) based image consultant (student of mine) Kim Williams of Individually You.  Kim has also been taking part in my Evolve Your Style challenge – proving that everyone can benefit from stepping back and taking a moment to reflect on their style and […]

Stylish Thoughts – Amanda Hyatt

Amanda accessories

Today’s Stylish Thoughts comes from UK based Evolve Your Style member Amanda Hyatt What is the secret to great style? Confidence. The confidence to wear clothes that reflect your personality. The confidence not to follow trends, wear what your peer group is wearing or what the high street fashion is dictating. What is the one […]

Stylish Thoughts – Sue Serle

Sue 2

Today’s Stylish Thoughts comes from Newcastle (Australia) based Evolve Your Style member and purveyor Vintage and Pre-loved clothing via her online store Over the Hill and Far Away, the lovely Sue Serle. What is the secret to great style? Confidence! Knowing that every day is a new opportunity and confidence is the key. Style to […]

7 Top Tips to What Dates and What Becomes Timeless

After a recent discussion with the Evolve Your Style group members, when deciding what to keep and what to throw out (because it is dated), I was asked about what is dated and what becomes timeless. I thought I’d ask one of our group members and recent Stylish Thoughts contributor Lisa White share her thoughts on […]

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