S is for Scale

optical illusion

Scale is one of the most important elements to consider when thinking about dressing your body and personality. ┬áIt’s one of the tools we have to create optical illusion, we can use it to make ourselves or parts of ourselves appear larger or smaller (or just as we are), depending what we want to achieve. […]

3 Essential Elements to Choosing Flattering Prints and Patterns

contrast in prints and pattern by imogenl featuring a bright tank   Yesterday I was out shopping with one of my lovely clients. She wanted some blouses and dresses that were more ‘fun’ than her current range of tops in solid colours. Knowing her colour palette meant picking up all the options in the store […]

How to Understand the Elements of Prints

Following on from my post on how to interpret prints and patterns I want to talk more about different elements of prints and how they also relate to other elements of ourselves. Elements of Prints by imogenl featuring a floral pencil skirt You would be aware that not all florals are the same, just as […]

Inside Imogen’s Wardrobe – Jeans casual

Imogen, casual in jeans and pink chiffon top

Frequently I’m asked “As an image consultant do you always have to dress up?”. My answer is, “Well I still wear jeans and t-shirts, but they’re good jeans and t-shirts and I tend to accessorize too.” You never know when you leave the house, even if it’s just the supermarket or the school run, if […]

How to Choose a Necklace

When I wrote about wearing larger scale necklaces to distract from a big bust, I had some comments asking how did I choose the necklace to wear. So to start with today – I will show you a few choices I make and why I do so. For example, when I’m wearing the jacket below, […]

How a Large Necklace Can Make Your Bust Look Smaller

People often comment on my collection of larger scale necklaces and say that they’re ‘my thing’ as I always wear them. But they’ve only become ‘my thing’ since I discovered the power of a large necklace to make my bust look smaller. How does this work? It’s that old optical illusion – which centre circle […]