Personal Colour Analysis – Finding the Harmony

. . Yesterday I took some pictures during our colour analysis training so that you can see how the right colours create a harmonious look. ¬†Essentially there is a balance between your colouring and the colours you wear, neither too bright, nor too dull, and they have the right level of warmth or coolness to […]

Before and After

I just wanted to share with you the gorgeous transformation of Amber – she has sent me an email which she’s allowed me to print below for you to read.  It’s this kind of new found confidence that makes my job so rewardring.   When I hear the naysayers go on about how the outside doesn’t matter, I […]

Real Life Makeover

As part of the recent AICI conference in Sydney, I was asked to ‘makeover’ two women.    Straight makeovers are not something I generally do, the way I work is in educating the client on what works for them and empowering them to make the changes themselves.  It’s more of an evolving than a making over, as […]