My Style Philosophy – Rules are Made to Be Broken

Break Your Style Rules

As my regular readers would be aware, I spend many hours, days and weeks writing blog posts to give you sets of rules to work with to find out what works for your unique body and all its glorious features. Many may think that I’m obsessed with rules and believe that we should all stick […]

Finding the Right Texture and Sheen for Your Skin

Me - I need sheen and shine - see how shiny my face is and that's only an hour after powdering up!

Have you ever thought about the texture or sheen of the fabrics you wear? The jewellery you choose? The makeup that suits. Did you know that some textures will look more harmonious on you and others less so? In this short video, Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I discuss how to choose the […]

How to Break Your Style Rules

I teach style rules all the time and then I teach my clients how to break them. I like to think of it as the Picasso principle. What’s that? Well I never used to understand the though process behind Picasso’s painting, that was, until I visited the Picasso Museum in Barcelona. There in the exhibit […]

Q is for Fashion Quotes

I love a good quote, and here are some of my favourite fashion quotes. YSL Quote by imogenl featuring a white dress Harry Winston quote by imogenl featuring Etro Hubert de Givenchy quote by imogenl on Polyvore Fashion vs Style by imogenl on Polyvore

How to Avoid Looking Frumpy or Matronly

I would be interested in your advice on the opposite of looking more mature- how to avoid look ‘mature” i.e. matronly or frumpy when you are a larger size (i.e. 16+) woman….Thanks. Love reading your posts   To avoid looking frumpy: principles of volume by imogenl featuring indigo jeans Ensure that you don’t wear too […]

What to Wear to a Wedding

Weddings these days have many dress codes. Recently a friend of mine was horrified when turning up to a wedding in a floor length gown (the invitation dress code said “formal”) to find out that really, all the bride had wanted was for people not to wear jeans! The first point of call when figuring […]

Principle of Volume

One of the simplest, but most often forgotten rules, is that of the principles of volume.  Too much volume at one time will make you look larger than you are.   Too skin tight can look a little tarty.   principles of volume by imogenl featuring reiss Pretty simple isn’t it? But quite often if […]

Holding Out for a Better Day


One of the things that you may have found, if you participated in the FABruary Style Challenge, was that you wore some of your best clothes, even if it wasn’t a day that you’d normally dress up in that way. So many people keep their ‘good’ clothes for another day. The day that is important […]

How to Break The Style Rules – with Emerson Big W

bold with bold

Sponsored by Nuffnang I remember when growing up learning about a whole load of rules, such as “blue and green should never be seen” and “don’t mix prints”, but I have found during my time as an image consultant and stylist that these rules are made to be broken. Many of my clients are scared […]

For the Guys – Suit Lapels and Ties

width of tie

I know that this blog is aimed at women, but I know many women shop for their man (or with him) and so I wanted to draw your attention to the current suit and tie trend in case you’re thinking about buying your guy a tie this Christmas. There is a rule in men’s dressing […]