5 Ways to Style a Skirt

style a skirt 5 ways

There are so many ways to style a  plain or lightly patterned skirt in a neutral colour and it works for so many occasions.  You may remember I mention wardrobe workhorses in this post about the 5 questions you must ask yourself before you next buy any clothes.  This skirt qualifies as a wardrobe workhorse […]

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Styling a White Tailored Shirt

how to style a mens white shirt

Imogen, Do you have any advice on styling a man-tailored shirt with jeans? Especially for us short waisted types, even shaped shirts can look sloppy and boxy. I’ve tried belting them but I don’t really know how to do it so that it looks good. I don’t want to give up , because I love […]

My Style: Mixing Patterns

pattern mixing

Your outfit doesn’t have to be complicated to be stylish. This is one of my current favourite combinations. I don’t wear it exactly the same every time, but it’s an easy outfit to wear.  I love the loose nature of this top, so easy to wear and it hides my tummy. The key to mixing […]

How a Small Alteration Makes a Big Difference

Hands of Seamstress Using Sewing Machine

Most women assume that they can walk into a clothing store, take a garment, in their ‘size’ into a changeroom, try it on and it will fit perfectly. Yet women’s bodies are so varied in shape and what I call variations (boobs, thighs, arms, etc.) and manufacturing of clothing shapes and styles so arbitary, that […]

How to Take a Good Selfie Photo – The Art of Posing

how to pose for photos

Following on from my post How to Take a Good Selfie Photo – The Technology you need, now I’m going to share with you my top tips for finding a flattering pose for that photo! You may remember from this post on how to pose for photos I went through a few of these tips. […]

Evening Shoes for Short Legs

I’m 5 ft 2 inches a petite athletic frame and weigh 118 lbs  I have short legs and muscular thighs and calves. What dress shoes / evening style do it west to give my legs a longer slimming look. Also heel and strapping styles Thank you so much.   evening shoes for petites with curvy […]

How to Look Smart but Not Overdressed

One dress six ways

I like to dress with a level 1 combined with level 2 level of refinement, but don’t want to look try hard or overdressed when not dressing for more formal or fancy occasions. What to wear? If you are a more formal dresser naturally, you prefer more classic or structured clothes, finer fabrics and a […]

What Shoes to Wear with Skirts and Dresses in Winter

I have started to wear knee-length skirts and dresses much more, but here in Europe, cold autumn is approaching, so more solid shoes are necessary. Have you any suggestions for styling warmer flat/low heel shoes (chelsea boots?) with short skirt? (at present my style is “practical mum” Is hosiery the only warm solution or can […]

What to Wear Spring Racing and Melbourne Cup

There is always a lot of hype in what to wear but a great topic would be on how to dress affordably and what is in this season – Personally I love Melbourne Cup but I DREAD Having to find something to wear ( Writing this to you as I’m heading out tonight in an […]

How to Combine Comfortable Shoes with Your Dressier Outfits

Can you please give me some ideas on footwear for Natural/Relaxed personalities that aren’t Chucks or jandals (flip-flops). Or hiking boots. But similarly nonrestrictive – no pointy toes/squashed feet.   Comfortable stylish shoes by imogenl featuring oxford shoes With trousers look for: Ankle boots Knee high boots Oxfords Loafers With skirts and dresses go for: Knee […]