Choosing Prints to Disguise Your Tummy

Hi Imogen, Here’s my question: I’m an H shape but with a bit of a postpartum tummy (also short waisted with short mid-body). I’ve been thinking about purchasing some gingham/plaid tops but am wondering what elements I should be looking for or avoiding. What pattern size/density of check should I look for? (small/large/uniform shape/irregular?) Should […]

What to Wear After You’ve Had a Baby – 7 Easy Style Tips for New Mums

The obsession with Kate Middleton post birth of Prince George abounds on each media outlet. I admire her for appearing in her first public outing with the new prince not strapped up in shapewear to give us the impression that just hours after the birth she’s snapped back to her pre-pregnancy flat stomached ways. For […]

How to Take an Outfit from Casual to Dressy

Many women tell me that they’re really not sure about how to go about styling up their outfits. They end up wearing a basic pair of jeans, or a pair of black pants and a shirt, and because they’ve not added anything else, the outfit is boring and plain. In this video, Jill Chivers of […]

Great Gift Ideas for the Stylish Mother

Treat your mother right this Mothers’ Day there are so many wonderful gifts you can give her, the most important one is the message that you love her … and then she also might like a present! Here are a few ideas! Widgets

Styling Up and Getting Out of Your Rut

  Hi Imogen Thank you so much for the e-book  and BTW, I love your blog! I have spent every evening trawling through for your inspiring pearls of wisdom as the washing piles up and floors remain unmoppped! As a mum of three little girls, it’s very important to me to look good and be […]

What to Wear – School Gates

Imogen Lamport Personal Stylist and Mother

Today my gorgeous kids went back to school after their summer holidays. I’ve spent very little time of the school break working as I’ve mostly had to look after the kids, plus I needed a little holiday myself to rejuvenate. Having to get back into the school routine, making lunches, ensuring everyone has everything they […]

How to Be Stylish When Pregnant

Maternity Chic by imogenl featuring rose gold jewelry   Looking stylish when pregnant can feel like hard work. You don’t want to buy a huge maternity wardrobe. But a few essentials plus accessories can really get you through your pregnancy. A great pair of maternity jeans are worth investing in.  You can pair them with […]

How to Create a Post Pregnancy Clothing Capsule

I had a question re wardrobe (& btw-thank you for YOUR 5 STEP FORMULA FOR A FABULOUS WARDROBE it’s been really useful.) I have a 4 month old baby girl, so especially as an aspiring colour consultant I have been on a misison to get my wardrobe organised, also to reflect the new me (as […]

Wardrobe Capsules for Your Life – Busy Mum (Mom)

- Wardrobe capsules are a great way of making your clothes work harder for you and your dollar go further.  A wardrobe capsule is a selection of up to 12 garments plus accessories that all work together.   Busy Mum Capsule by imogenl featuring striped shirts Today I’ve created a capsule for a busy mum […]

Happy Mother’s Day

Today is Mother’s Day (not in the UK I know) but the USA and Australia it is, so I hope all you mothers out there have a lovely and indulgent day – with or without your kids. What do you do to celebrate it?  My mother always dismissed mother’s day as ‘too commercial’ so we […]