How to Find Your Ultimate Contrast – Your Three Step Process

contrast, value contrast, colour contrast, personal colour analysis

Following on from my post on colour and value contrast here is  my simple guide to finding your ideal contrast levels.  For each step write down  the option that suits you for both colour and value. 1. What is your hair colour Colour Contrast Colour –   strawberry blonde, golden blonde, copper, red, violet, blue […]

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How to Pick the Undertone of a Colour

Following on from my post the other day, here are some more examples of the differences between warm and cool undertones of colours. When picking undertones, you want to look at what the colour is made of, as if you were painting it, and think about what colours you’d mix together to create it.  If […]

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How to Pick Colour Undertones

One of the things I’ve noticed is that people get very confused with the overtone of a colour and the undertone. So to try and make it a little easier, I’ve created some pictures to help you see the differences between very similar colours, but one has a warm undertone, the other a cool undertone […]

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How To Wear a Column of Colour For Your Body Shape

column of colour body shape

I have a question about using the column of colour to look taller (as a curvy petite H shape ) – should I only wear darker tops, avoiding white or cream tops ? There are two major ways to wear a column of colour, on the outside, or on the inside. The version on the […]

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Understanding the Style Puzzle – 9 Keys to Unlocking Your Style

become stylish

There is no one route to style. You cannot become instantly stylish just from understanding your body shape (sorry Trinny and Susannah, it’s just not that simple). There is, what I call, the Style Puzzle, a group of elements when they all go together define your personal style. These puzzle pieces are just the start […]

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What to Wear When You’re Retired

I thought , perhaps , you might want to cover what an older (but not feeling older) woman in my situation could wear in different situations. I don’t think I would be the only one interested. ( there seems to be advice for the “new Mum”, and the “woman going back into the workforce”  but, […]

How to Create a Capsule Wardrobe on a Budget

My formula for a capsule wardrobe: from 12 garments over 72 outfits!

Sponsored by Nuffnang Most women want a well functioning wardrobe, but aren’t sure exactly how to go about getting one.  They want to stop wasting money on clothes, yet shop in a random fashion, without a list and then wonder why they have a wardrobe full of clothes but nothing to wear. If this sounds […]

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How to Have Parisian Style

Parisian chic is loved by many and I have been asked how to have this French chic style if you haven’t got the slim  Parisian body. According to the book Parisian Chic: A Style Guide by Ines de la Fressange where she shares lots of tips and I do love her Fashion Faux Pas when you’re […]

What Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe


When I travel I take my iPad with some TV series downloaded onto it to watch, on the plane, waiting for a plane, whenever I am bored. Not having cable TV (I figure with blogging and work, if there isn’t anything I want to watch on free-to-air TV I should be doing something else with […]

How to Understand the Elements of Prints

Following on from my post on how to interpret prints and patterns I want to talk more about different elements of prints and how they also relate to other elements of ourselves. Elements of Prints by imogenl featuring a floral pencil skirt You would be aware that not all florals are the same, just as […]