What to Wear on a Road Trip

Hi Imogen, I was wondering if you have any ideas to look tidy and classy whilst travelling by car. Many Australian ladies travel long distances by car for holidays or as a life style choice. My friend was dismissed as unworthy in a jeweller whilst wearing the travelling outfit adopted by most ( 3/4 pants, […]

What to Pack for a Casual Weekend Away

Hi Imogen- love the site -such great ideas and at the same time very practical! On that – I was wondering what you would suggest for weekends away? I often go away at weekends and take in some walking or sightseeing so I tend to bring my trainers with me (suitable for walking and not […]

Packing for a Week in the USA

packing for travel

Packing for a trip to the USA I’m in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA for an AICI International Board planning meeting this week, plus I’m training some US based trainers in the Absolute Colour System – so if you want to learn how to do colour analysis with my system the International Image Academy is the place […]

What I Wear When Travelling Long Haul

an old photo of me in my harem pants I’m currently writing this sitting in Tullamarine airport waiting to boad my flight to LA and looking around the airport I’m noticing lots of different clothes that people choose to wear on long-haul flights. There are a few men in business suits (which must get uncomfortable […]

Packing My Bags for the AICI Conference

..I have spent part of today packing my bags for the AICI conference in Orlando Florida which starts Thursday this week.  I’m on the plane to LA first thing in the morning and looking forward to leaving some very wintery weather in Melbourne for some lovely spring weather in the USA! My method in packing […]

Wardrobe Capsules for Your Life – Busy Mum (Mom)

- Wardrobe capsules are a great way of making your clothes work harder for you and your dollar go further.  A wardrobe capsule is a selection of up to 12 garments plus accessories that all work together.   Busy Mum Capsule by imogenl featuring striped shirts Today I’ve created a capsule for a busy mum […]

Tips for Packing Light – Radio Interview

. .I was interviewed by Madonna King on ABC Radio in Brisbane today about how to pack for travel.  You can listen to the interview here.

You Know You’re Filipino When You Point with Your Mouth

..  View of the beach from the Discovery Shores Restaurant  I am here in Boracay at the gorgeous Discovery Shores resort with image consultants Olen Juarez-Lim and Denise Ng.   The other day at the cultural session in Manila Miselle Bergonia talked about how you know you’re Filipino when you point with your lips. […]

Packing for an Image Consultants Conference in Asia

. I’m off to Manila in the Philippines tomorrow for the Association of Image Consultants International South East Asia conference.  I’m speaking at the conference on blogging, so have to have something that is suitable to stand up in front of a critical audience.  There will be a gala dinner, other conference events and then […]

Travel Tip no. 3 – Check Travel Advice before Leaving Home

.. Before you leave home there are some useful websites that you should check for travel warnings as well as checking the weather, to decide what you should pack. Some useful websites include: www.weather.com Australia http://www.smartraveller.gov.au/zw-cgi/view/Advice/ Canada http://www.voyage.gc.ca/countries_pays/menu-eng.asp UK http://www.fco.gov.uk/en/travel-and-living-abroad/travel-advice-by-country/\US http://travel.state.gov/ Also, don’t forget to take out travel insurance, some countries, such as the UK […]