A Day Out in Melbourne

Yarra river melbourne

Last weekend my husband and I decided to be tourists in our own town. We had thought about going away (it was a long weekend here) but couldn’t decide where to go and then I thought, why not do all those touristy things in here which I’ve never got round to doing! So we booked […]

Are You a Personal Stylist or Image Consultant? Then You Don’t Want to Miss This!


Are you working as a personal stylist or image consultant? Or is this something you are interested in pursuing as a career? If it is, I highly recommend attending the AICI Conference in Washington 27 – 30 August this year. There are going to be  speakers (including myself!) much greater than me – such as […]

No Ordinary Holiday

Vida Downtown

I can’t believe how fortunate I am that I got to go on this incredible trip to Dubai with the Nuffnang Bloggerati gang (who were fabulous to get to know and have now become friends) sponsored by Dubai Tourism and I’ve shared some of my highlights already on the fabulous palatial hotel I stayed at, […]

No Ordinary High Tea

high tea delights at raffles dubai

Cakes, chocolates, scones, jam and cream (that came in a tube). These are just some of the delights I consumed at our Fashion High Tea at the luxurious Egyptian themed Raffles Dubai hotel. Why is it called a “Fashion High Tea”? Well,  some of the delicacies resemble fashion items. A red shoe made from chocolate […]

No Ordinary Hot Air Balloon Ride


This Bloggerati Getaway is sponsored by Dubai Tourism The list of possible adventures and experiences on my recent trip to Dubai was varied and one that I immediately wanted to do was go on a hot air balloon ride over the desert.    I’ve been on one  before over Melbourne and was keen to repeat the […]

No Ordinary Hotel

Hotel room view the Palace dubai

  This Bloggerati Getaway is sponsored by Dubai Tourism The Palace Downtown Dubai is no ordinary hotel.  From the entrance gates to the pool, it’s exotic and beautiful and resembles a Middle Eastern palace.  I’ve stayed at many 5 star hotels over the years with work and conferences, many have a generic ‘hotel’ feel where […]

No Ordinary Arabian Experience

So much tasty traditional food

One of the cultural highlights of my time in Dubai so far has been the Bedouin experience of a Desert Safari by Platinum Heritage. Before I did this, I didn’t appreciate the beauty and majesty of the desert. I thought it was just sandy, hot and lacking in vegetation (dull and boring to be honest) […]

No Ordinary Mall

Even the rays are wearing leopard print!

Today I spent the better part of the day at The Dubai Mall.  Now I’m a pretty experienced shopper, and have been to malls and shopping centres all over the world.  I’ve seen some big ones, and some with one attraction. But I have to say I’ve never seen a mall quite like The Dubai […]

How to Pack a Wardrobe Capsule for a Cruise

Hi Imogen, I love your blog and have been reading it for a quite a while now, I love receiving my emails with your latest posts with tips and tricks. I have a question which I thought might be interesting on your blog as we come into the Xmas holiday season, it relates to what […]

One Skirt Styled 9 Ways and Some Packing Tips

Dressy Floral Skirt

I’m leaving tonight for my trip to Dubai and I’ve been thinking carefully about packing. Now our itinerary is pretty packed and every night we are expected to dress up in cocktail wear, so I’m packing more than I would if I wasn’t going out to so many fancy restaurants.  But I wanted to share […]

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