Styling a White Tailored Shirt

how to style a mens white shirt

Imogen, Do you have any advice on styling a man-tailored shirt with jeans? Especially for us short waisted types, even shaped shirts can look sloppy and boxy. I’ve tried belting them but I don’t really know how to do it so that it looks good. I don’t want to give up , because I love […]

Real World Relaxed Style – Jeans and a Cardigan

how to style jeans and a cardigan

Another Real World Relaxed Style post today inspired by my post on 10 comfy casual outfits you’ll want to steal, this one is Jeans and Cardigan, though as you may see, it has been adapted for various weather conditions! You can do it with a long or short cardigan.  With full length or capri jeans  […]

My Style: Mixing Patterns

pattern mixing

Your outfit doesn’t have to be complicated to be stylish. This is one of my current favourite combinations. I don’t wear it exactly the same every time, but it’s an easy outfit to wear.  I love the loose nature of this top, so easy to wear and it hides my tummy. The key to mixing […]

Real World Style – Skirt with Knit

styling skirt with a knit top

Many people think that the only easy and relaxed way to dress is to wear pants (trousers, not underpants for you people reading in the UK!). But really a skirt can be just as easy to wear (and I think more comfortable often) than a pair of pants.  I love a skirt made from a […]

How to Shop Your Wardrobe

shop your wardrobe

You often hear the term “Shop your wardrobe” or “shop your closet” and that’s great, but for many, they have no idea how to actually do this. There are two stages you need to work through to be able to do it successfully. The first is to organise your wardrobe so that it’s easy to […]

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Guide to Overdying Garments To a Fabulous New Colour

rit dying guide, procion dying guide, mixing colours, overdying

This post is written by one of my fabulous 7 Steps to Style members Bernadette Lis who has lots of experience dying her clothes. ALL warm ladies should keep a bottle of Rit Golden Yellow liquid dye and all cool ladies should keep a bottle of Rit Pearl Grey liquid dye within the house to […]

Real World Relaxed Style – Loose Pants and a Knit

styling harem pants

Today I’m sharing the real world stylings of a bunch of fabulous women who are modelling their version of Loose Pants and a Knit  (and that’s a loose guideline given we are in climates from around the world!) from my recent post on 10 comfy casual outfits you’ll want to steal and try out.  So […]

Creating a Trans-seasonal Capsule Wardrobe Using a Column of Colour

A Hand is holding a wire hanger

I recently wrote a post on creating a summer wardrobe capsule using the column of colour concept (which helps you look taller and slimmer) for summer.  And I know that even though the northern hemisphere is coming out of winter and heading towards summer, we in the southern hemisphere are sadly saying goodbye to summer […]

What I Wore and Weekend Reading 3 March

personal stylist training

A couple of outfits from the past week – both would fit into the comfy casual relaxed style book! Maxi from Target and a tee from Boo Radley And then there are my nice Zara summer jeans in white with a cardi (weather has been warm then cool!) If you’ve ever thought about doing what […]

How to Style Black Pants for the Office

how to style black pants for the office

So many women wear black (or grey or navy or brown) trousers to the office, but it can become such a uniform it becomes dull and boring.  Today I thought I’d share some ideas on styling your black pants with a little more panache.     3 ways to style black pants for work by […]