Creating a Summer Capsule Wardrobe Using a Column of Colour

summer wardrobe capsules, column of colour

Hi Imogen, Your northern hemisphere fans need your help. Spring, summer is on it’s way, I’ve searched your incredible archives to find a summer wardrobe capsule featuring your ” column of color” for petites, but alas, I can only find fabulous fall and winter. Please help! It’s getting warm in Southern California. A faithful fan, […]

One Skirt Styled 9 Ways and Some Packing Tips

Dressy Floral Skirt

I’m leaving tonight for my trip to Dubai and I’ve been thinking carefully about packing. Now our itinerary is pretty packed and every night we are expected to dress up in cocktail wear, so I’m packing more than I would if I wasn’t going out to so many fancy restaurants.  But I wanted to share […]

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How to Pack 72 Outfits into Carry On Luggage

72 outfits from 12 garments

Here in this video I show you how I get 72 outfits from 12 garments and that they can all be packed into this carry-on sized suitcase.   If you want more packing trips grab a copy of my Travelling Light ebook!

How to Create a Stylish Casual Wardrobe for a Hot Climate

Hi!  I have made great strides in gathering mixable business/relaxed business wear but over time have just really lost touch with relaxation (!) and find myself without much to wear on the weekends. I stay at home often but also go to shops, farmers’ markets’, the movies, etc. and don’t really have anything to wear […]

What to Pack for a Casual Weekend Away

Hi Imogen- love the site -such great ideas and at the same time very practical! On that – I was wondering what you would suggest for weekends away? I often go away at weekends and take in some walking or sightseeing so I tend to bring my trainers with me (suitable for walking and not […]

Dressing Up Your Casual Cothing

In your most recent e-mail, you asked for fashion questions. I do have one question. I have quite a lot of fitted cotton/spandex tees. Would you wear them with knee-length skirts and flats? The skirts are corduroy, twill or cotton prints. The flats are casual ballet flats. It seems to me that the cotton tees […]

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe to Look Taller

Hi Imogen, I´m a big fan of your blog, and I´ve read all of your books I hope it´s alright if I ask you some style advice I´m a petite (5´2´´) figure of 8 with a balanced, short mid body. I have slightly warm coloring, dark blond hair and blue green eyes, and I´m a […]

How to Create Wardrobe Capsules for the Tropics

Hello Imogen I have been a fan of your website for quite a while and enjoy all your useful tips . Great job!! I live in Trindad and Tobago in the Caribbean and as you can imagine , it is rather warm. We have two seasons- the wet and dry seasons. I was wondering if […]

Wardrobe Capsule Inspiration

Une Femme has a great post on Already Pretty about her wardrobe capsule that she travelled with recently. Here are some other bloggers who have completed other wardrobe capsule challenges. Oranges and Apples Make do Style Small Fabric of My Life Over 60 and Over Here Two Thousand Things Project 333 Life with 3   […]

Capsule Wardrobe Week – April Style Challenge

  This week I”m challenging you to wear a capsule wardrobe for a week. And it’s a smallish capsule of only 10 garments plus accessories and shoes (I’ll let you have as many of those as you like!).  Why not see if you can get through to the end of April (just over a week) […]