How To Make an Outift More Yin or Yang

A little while back I introduced you to the concepts of Yin and Yang (or receding and advancing, or softer and stronger) ways of dressing. Here I want to show you a couple of ways that you can change the way you dress in some very common outfits to make them either more Yang (strong) […]

What are the Principles of Coordination – Levels of Refinement

in one of your last videos, you talked about principles of coordination – can you go in more detail on this, please? There are 4 main principles of co-ordination – these are: Levels of Refinement Principle of Volume Related Shapes Related Lines   Each of these influences how we put outfits together, from accessories to […]

Denim Skirts – Can You Wear them To Work?

I was asked on Twitter (@ImogenLamport) the other day about wearing denim skirts to work and if they are appropriate. The things to consider for your workplace are: Are denim jeans acceptable in your workplace? If the answer is no, then no to the denim skirt too.  If yes denim jeans are fine in your […]

What Colour Should You Wear to a Job Interview?

Want to know the answer? Well go read my guest post over at Women’s Agenda.

Creating Harmony with Your Personality

madonna yin and yang

Yin and Yang can be used to create harmony with who you are.  Personality is such a huge factor in the clothes we choose, what we like and dislike.  It’s important to work with your natural personality to appear authentic. For instance, here is Madonna in a Yin and and Yang outfit: Which is appears […]

The Yin and Yang of Clothing

Have you ever considered Yin and Yang (or Receding and Advancing) in relation to your clothes?  I first read about this concept in Judith Rasband’s Wardrobe Strategies for Women, and realised that it relates to all personality style and why each style communicates in the way it does. It’s a powerful tool to help you […]

How to Look Smart When You Prefer to Dress Relaxed

Natural in a Classic environment by imogenl featuring wool pants   Hi Imogen, I have a question about the relationship between the individual style and dress codes. My personal style is more on the Natural side and I often scratch my head how to coordinate it with the dress codes associated with more traditional settings […]

What to Wear to Casual Events

This year I would love to see posts on what to wear for occasions outside of your normal everyday wardrobe. I know you have done posts on what to wear to weddings etc. but I would be interested to see posts on what to wear for more casual events where you still want to look […]

What to Wear to the Spring Racing Carnival

Derby Day is traditionally the day to wear Black and White (and maybe a shade of grey or silver).   Derby Day racewear by imogenl featuring wedge shoes Pull&Bear wedge shoes 67 AUD – Morgan Taylor hat Dresses | Maxi, summer, cocktail & more styles at Witchery Online -… David Lawrence | Spring Racing […]

What to Wear in the Corporate World

As part of my job as an image consultant, I work with businesses to help their staff understand what is appropriate to wear to work, and why.  Often it’s the why that people have forgotten, particularly with the casualisation of dress codes.  The result is often sloppy or too relaxed and casual.  So what should […]