Jeans Trends 2014

Hi Imogen, you’re looking fantastic! What a big year its been for you. Congratulations on all your achievements. I have a question about boot cut pants and/or jeans. Are they still current? I put a pair on the other day for a working bee at school (as they were my oldest pair) and though they […]

How to Add a Touch of Glamour to Your Everyday Casual Outfits

Hi Imogen! I’ve learned much from your blog and in particular, the levels of refinement was helpful. I’ve had a life adjustment and I live my life in durable/washable pants. I’m wondering about adding glamour in level 2, even with jeans as my base. How would you add glamour and beauty when you are barely […]

What to Wear to Casual Events

This year I would love to see posts on what to wear for occasions outside of your normal everyday wardrobe. I know you have done posts on what to wear to weddings etc. but I would be interested to see posts on what to wear for more casual events where you still want to look […]

Styling Up and Getting Out of Your Rut

  Hi Imogen Thank you so much for the e-book  and BTW, I love your blog! I have spent every evening trawling through for your inspiring pearls of wisdom as the washing piles up and floors remain unmoppped! As a mum of three little girls, it’s very important to me to look good and be […]

Tips on Wearing Boots with Skinny Jeans

I love your blog . My biggest question is proper footwear for the cold fall weather (but before it snows). I live in the Midwest of USA. I am wondering if you could do a blog post for casual ladies who like slim fit jeans and shorter boots. I like tall boots on other people, don’t feel […]

L is for Legs


Legs One of the great body parts – they move us around and we should appreciate them.  Where to end skirt and dress hems  How to wear wide leg trousers How to look taller and make your legs look longer  How to Wear Leggings Leggings are best worn either as a hosiery substitute or with […]

D is for Denim


  formality of denim by imogenl featuring slim bootcut jeans Denim is a staple in most wardrobes, and rightly so.  It has many uses, is a hard wearing fabric, and can be dressed up or down (to a certain extent).  As far as cost per wear goes, most people get maximum value from their favourite […]

How to Wear Coloured Jeans for the 40+

Catwalk Trends Spring and Autumn 2012

Hi Imogen, How do you feel about coloured jeans for the over 40s? I’m a size 12-14 H shape and keep finding myself drawn to them in shops. I tried on some straight (not skinny) legs in cobalt that I really loved with a small heel, but I walk away for fear I’m too old […]

How to Wear Skinny Jeans

Could you do a post on skinny jeans? They are in all of the shops right now and I’m not sure if I can wear them. I’m an I shape with my shoulders a little wider than my hips, average B cup bust-line and I’m a petite at 5’2″. What sorts of jackets and tops […]

How to Rock a Tuxedo Jacket in a Feminine Way

I recently bought a women’s tuxedo jacket. Now, how do I wear it? I don’t want to make it more masculine. No cumberbunds in black or hot pink. I do want to feminize it. I also want to wear the tuxedo jacket in a casual type of way. Like with jeans. But what type of […]