To Crease or Not To Crease? That is the Question?

..Reader Nicole asks: I love your website and hope to visit often. Could I presume on my very brief acquaintanceship to ask the question that I’ve been wrestling with? I’ve been told that pant creases are a bit nerdy these days, is that true? I’ve always thought that the creases made me look taller and […]

Sock it To Me

..A sock question from LGJ  I have to wear office-appropriate but warehouse-safe shoes, so I have close-toed brown slip on flats. Even with my longest pants, if I sit down and cross my legs my socks show. I’ve long since moved to black ankle socks (as opposed to the white socks that were long enough that […]

Tucking Jeans into Boots

In winter I love to tuck my slim jeans into boots (and how I do love my boots).  I love it because the boots allow me to wear slim jeans with a high hip length top, as they create a little bulk and balance out my hips when I don’t want to wear a tunic […]

How to Stop Trousers Dragging on the Ground

… Reader eword10 asked me: I would love to hear your solution on the problem another commenter mentioned: the long pants for heels and then pant legs dragging on the ground when you switch to flats. That is my problem. ALL. THE. TIME. Now unfortunately I don’t have any great soultions!  Firstly, I’d advise you […]

More Style at a Certain Age

Here again is my gorgeous friend Jan Fisher, Image Coach, from New Zealand – who is heading fast to 60! Red is one of her favourite colours and she wears it well! Her style is either a skirt with a knit top and often a jacket, or pants and a knit top with a jacket, […]

Body Proportions Explained – Long Rise

One of the measurements that is commonly long is the rise measurement – that is the distance from leg break to waist. Some people have a long body, but they are short-waisted and the length is in their rise which is long. 1. If you are proportionally like this, skirts can be your best friends […]

How to Choose Flattering Jeans Pockets

How do you know if your back view is as attractive as your front? It’s much harder to see our back view in the mirror, without a series of mirrors. So when choosing jeans, which are the best pockets for your butt? Size and placement is really important to increase your booty quotient. Pockets need […]

Brenda Kinsel’s Pearls

At the AICI conference I got to meet the fabulous image consultant and author Brenda Kinsel who shared these tips with me, so I could share them with you. I asked Brenda for 5 tips to help you improve your wardrobe and image 1. ¬†At the change of season, when you swap your wardrobe over […]

What do Your Shoes Say About You?

What Do Your Shoes Say About You? by imogenlHave you ever thought about the impact that just a pair of shoes has on your outfit? When paired with a simple jean, shoes can take you from running an errand, to running a meeting. From stepping out to dance, to stepping out at the beach. If […]

More Denim Matters – Mom Jeans

I’m scared, very very scared, when I see women wearing “mom jeans” down at the supermarket, I’ve always just assumed that they’re old, they’ve been in their closet for years and years, and that the poor old mom just hasn’t had time to go out and treat herself to a nice new pair of flattering […]