7 Essential Items to Wear When Going Clothes Shopping

What to Wear Shopping

Today I’m off on a personal shopping expedition with one of my lovely clients.  Me, I’m wearing comfortable flat shoes and a knit dress that’s easy to move in.  I always carry a shoulder bag rather than one I need to hold with my hands. One of the things people often don’t think about before […]

What to Wear to a Summer Garden Wedding

Summer cocktail garden wedding by imogenl featuring flare sleeve dresses What is appropriate to were to a summer wedding- garden ceremony with cocktail reception?  Emma A summer garden wedding is crying out for a pretty frock.  The cocktail reception says, ‘dress up, not down’. Key points: A knee length dress (cocktail length) A small clutch […]

Christmas Themed Dressing and Accessorizing – The Dos and Don’ts

Thanks to you, Imogen, I never worry about my wardrobe. Its like having a guardian angel at my finger tips. I would like some advice for Christmas accessorizing. Working around children, I like to do the red and green thing but still need to go among adults to do the banking, shopping etc. Your input […]

Is it Racewear? What to Wear to the Melbourne Cup Carnival

Is it Racewear Infographic

On Saturday I went to Derby Day, one of the big race days of the Melbourne Cup carnival. Derby Day has a dress-code of black and white, along with the regular racing dress code. There were many well dressed women and men at the races, but also some serious clangers. So I’ve developed my Guide […]

What to Wear to the Spring Racing Carnival

Derby Day is traditionally the day to wear Black and White (and maybe a shade of grey or silver).   Derby Day racewear by imogenl featuring wedge shoes Pull&Bear wedge shoes 67 AUD - pullandbear.com Morgan Taylor hat myer.com.au Dresses | Maxi, summer, cocktail & more styles at Witchery Online -… witchery.com.au David Lawrence | Spring Racing […]

What to Wear in the Corporate World

As part of my job as an image consultant, I work with businesses to help their staff understand what is appropriate to wear to work, and why.  Often it’s the why that people have forgotten, particularly with the casualisation of dress codes.  The result is often sloppy or too relaxed and casual.  So what should […]

N is for Night Time

Night, that time after dusk, when the sun has gone down, colours fade as the cones in our eyes, which are the colour receptors, can’t distinguish colour well in low light.  Only the rods in our eyes work well at night and they can distinguish blue, but not other colours.   So at night time […]

What to Wear to a Wedding

Weddings these days have many dress codes. Recently a friend of mine was horrified when turning up to a wedding in a floor length gown (the invitation dress code said “formal”) to find out that really, all the bride had wanted was for people not to wear jeans! The first point of call when figuring […]

What to Wear on a Date in Summer

It’s one of those really hot balmy summer nights where even underwear and high heels makes me feel uncomfortable but I have a date with a gorgeous man at a local restaurant and of course I want him to fancy me like mad. What do I wear that’s casual, cool and comfortable but stylish and […]

How to Choose an Evening Dress that Will Last a Decade

Just received an invite to a cocktail party next month What is a good dress style for me that would be timeless and look gorgeous? I need an idea on the best style that will last a decade but I could dress down for dinner too. Otherwise, I just won’t get the wear out of […]