What I Wore and Some Weekend Reading 21 Feb

blue and green

Casual Sunday in a Verily knit dress with a denim jacket. How gorgeous is this necklace?  It’s lace! (close up coming soon)  I got it off the Etsy Epuu which I wore with my cobalt blue target skirt and cami, and shrug from Jigsaw. Coolish day today and had a networking lunch to attend, so wore my […]

What to Wear on a Date

So what do you wear on a date? It can be a particularly vexing question for many women, particularly if it’s with someone new or newish. We don’t want to get it wrong – either seem too forward or too uninterested. Given that it’s Valentines day in a few days, I thought I’d give you […]

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How to Master the Half-Tuck

how to do the half tuck

Here in this short video I share with you my tips on mastering the half-tuck.  

3 Ways to Incorporate Black Garments When It’s Not Your Best Colour

So you’ve got a bunch of black items in your wardrobe that you can’t afford to get rid of (or just don’t want to), but you know that black isn’t the most flattering colour on you. How do you get your wear out of them and make them work? Here are my top 3 tips.   […]

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What I Wore this Week and Weekend Reading

jeans and blouse

It’s been cool this week in Melbourne (even though it’s supposed to be the height of summer) so I’ve been back in jeans (Witchery) and long sleeves (blouse was from Portmans).  Wearing my new Izoa Australia Eye necklaces which I love!  An Eye for an I(mogen) Another cool day which required layers.  Wearing Metalicus leggings […]

Are you holding onto a time in your life that is now past?

why are you holding onto dated clothes

  Want to know about what I’ve discovered doing lots and lots of wardrobe audits over the years?  Read the full article on Why are You Holding Onto Dated Clothes here.

10 Comfy Casual Outfit Ideas You Want to Copy Now

Many women like to feel comfortable in their clothes.  For some, comfort is their number one driver when dressing (and sometimes it shows, as often comfortable translates to sloppy).  So how can feel comfortable but look stylish at the same time?  Well as you’re about to see with these 10 outfits I’ve put together, comfort […]

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What to Wear on the School Run

My kids started back at school a couple of days ago, one started high school (how can that be?  I’m not old enough to  have a child in high school!) and the other in 4th grade. Now as a professional image consultant I have to be particularly wary about what I wear to school, as […]

How to Wear Palazzo Pants When You Are an A or X Shape or are Petite

how to style palazzo pants, how to wear palazzo pants

I have a question about palazzo pants. I am an A/X and have long, narrow torso and very short legs (and I am not tall either, 5’4′); I know flare pants are recommended for my figure type, but I was wondering if the billowy palazzo style would be too much and make me look even […]

How to Choose Makeup and Fabrics Based on Skin Sheen

how to choose makeup sheen for your skin

Often there is a ‘rule’ that when you are more mature then you should steer away from any sort of makeup with sheen or shine (pearlesence) in it.  This rule will work, if you have matte skin, but even if you are more mature, you may still have a skin that reflects more light and […]