How to Accessorize Grey Hair

Dear Imogen Do you have any advice on how to accessorize with salt and pepper hair? After ceasing to color my hair, my natural color is revealed to be a combination of multicolored warm/neutral grey streaks from ivory, to ecru, to silver, to taupe, to charcoal to a few streaks of seal grey. (I wear […]

How to Wear a Cropped Top or Sweater (Jumper)

Hi. I’ve been reading your blog and found it amazingly helpful! Can you give me some tips for wearing crop shirts? Certainly they can make your legs look longer. But I’ve seen people wearing them, and sometimes their legs looked rather short because the short tops only emphasized their bottoms. I see the difference, but […]

What I Wore: This Week

relaxed style

Suede boots from Hush Puppies, coated denim jeans from Witchery (these are similar) Top is from Big W Emerson range, shoes are from Mox Shoes, skirt is by Boo Radley (this one is similar) Metalicus top with a waterfall cardigan (similar) and coated denim skinny jeans (similar). Metalicus tshirt and pair of shorts from Target […]

Should You Keep It or Bin It?

Young woman is sorting out her laundry at home

In the discussion that goes on on the Evolve Your Style Facebook page, frequently there is talk of whether or not a garment should be kept or let go (to a new home of some sort). One of the great things about the Evolve program is that it gives you a chance to really assess all […]

What to Wear to the Melbourne Cup

Spring Racing Outfits

Tomorrow is Melbourne Cup day and I was challenge during Frocktober (you can still donate here as every dollar goes towards making a difference and finding a cure for Ovarian Cancer) to frock up for Melbourne Cup. Melbourne Cup day dressing is all about dressing in colour with decorum which I discussed here.  Now Melbourne […]

How to Look Smart but Not Overdressed

One dress six ways

I like to dress with a level 1 combined with level 2 level of refinement, but don’t want to look try hard or overdressed when not dressing for more formal or fancy occasions. What to wear? If you are a more formal dresser naturally, you prefer more classic or structured clothes, finer fabrics and a […]

How to Solve the Belting Dilemmas for Short Waisted Women

Hey Imogen! I’ve read a lot about body shapes on your site and I’m already much wiser! But something still confuses me: I am petite (5’4”), very (!!!) short waisted and also a distinct A shape. And what I’ve learned about dressing these three characteristics seem to conflict. For example, a short waisted women should […]

What Shoes to Wear with Skirts and Dresses in Winter

I have started to wear knee-length skirts and dresses much more, but here in Europe, cold autumn is approaching, so more solid shoes are necessary. Have you any suggestions for styling warmer flat/low heel shoes (chelsea boots?) with short skirt? (at present my style is “practical mum” Is hosiery the only warm solution or can […]

What to Wear Spring Racing and Melbourne Cup

There is always a lot of hype in what to wear but a great topic would be on how to dress affordably and what is in this season – Personally I love Melbourne Cup but I DREAD Having to find something to wear ( Writing this to you as I’m heading out tonight in an […]

The Undertones of Colours


I sometimes describe colours as being really warm or only mid warm or even just a little warm and I’ve been asked to share some pictures so you can see the differences. In this picture I’ve taken three colours and moved them from the really warm through the mid warm, via a little bit warm […]