Colour and Style Workshops

Would you like a personal consultation but can’t afford it?  Why not come along to one or both of our group workshops, find out all about you, and get your wardrobe under control.
I’ll be running 2 workshops during March in Melbourne Australia and would love to help you.
If you live in Los Angeles and are interested in attending a workshop see the bottom of this post.
Come Alive with Colour – Workshop  – Friday 13 March 9.30am – 1pm

Wearing the best colours for you will make you look healthier, happier, younger, more vibrant and help you project a really positive image. Remember the last time someone commented on how well you looked? What were you wearing? You’ll probably find out that it was on of your best colours.

 Just think about all the clothes you’ve bought over the years that either are worn once or never worn, and take up valuable wardrobe space – why is it that you don’t wear the item? Maybe it’s because the colour doesn’t suit you, and doesn’t make you feel good. The Come Alive with Colour workshop is an investment in your future wardrobe, and an investment in you – if you look good, you’ll feel good, and will project a positive image that others will pick up on and reflect back to you. 

During this workshop you’ll be draped and discover your best colour direction, receive comprehensive colour notes about wearing your best colours, and come to understand what really works best for you and your individual features. Participants will receive their personal colour swatch and comprehensive colour guide to take home.

Investment: $150 

Secrets of Style – Workshop 2 – Friday 20 March 9.30am – 1pm

Have you ever wondered what your style personality is? Do you see other people, think ‘they look great’ try and copy their look, but it just doesn’t work for you? Is your wardrobe a hodge-podge of different clothing styles, some which work, but many that don’t make you feel great? Discover your clothing personality in this revealing workshop and find out which clothing styles suit the real you and will help you project a great first impression.

Plus, understand your shopping personality and don’t waste time and money shopping in all the wrong places.

Do you constantly get frustrated when you find nothing fits? Do things that look great on your similar sized friends look bad on you? It’s time to find out all about your body, and what works on it. We all usually blame our body for how our clothing looks, but it’s not your body, you’re just trying on the wrong clothes.

Discover how to look taller, slimmer, shorter, curvier – whatever it is that you’d like to change about your shape, no extreme makeover required.

Investment: $150

Do both Image Workshops for $270 and save $30 on the total price of the workshops.
Do you Live in L.A or surrounds?
I am also planning to hold 1 or 2 workshops in L.A during May when I’m over.  They will include colour and style and possibly a shopping trip – if you are interested please leave me a comment so I can gauge numbers.


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