More Style at a Certain Age

Here again is my gorgeous friend Jan Fisher, Image Coach, from New Zealand – who is heading fast to 60! Red is one of her favourite colours and she wears it well! Her style is either a skirt with a knit top and often a jacket, or pants and a knit top with a jacket, or jacket style top.

This is her favourite coat – it’s a ‘hero‘ piece which Jan gets many compliments on, and was definitely worth the investment.

LPC asked if she wore jeans – and yes she does, frequently.
You will never see Jan ungroomed, she always takes care with her appearance.
By the way, I spoke to her on the phone this evening and she was really touched by all your comments from the last post.
Do you have any questions for Jan? If so, leave the in the comments and I’ll ask her for her answers!
Jan has provided me with these thoughts on style:

“I think with style as you age the term appropriate really comes into being but in my case it is age appropriate . I remember some one saying to me , if you have done it once think twice about doing it again .

It is a great rule and can be applied to trends that some of us think we may suit like smock tops , outrageous platform heels, revival waistcoats or anything else that was great on our bodies in the 60 and 70s but not so wonderful now.

However rules are meant to be broken and dresses are back for this spring summer , particularly the shift dress , and these can look fabulous depending on how you wear them. Perhaps not as short as we used to wear them but they will look wonderful over slim trousers , or if you have perfectly slim beautiful legs, try leggings , or slim jeans .

Knowing your true dressing style is the surest way to keep on the right track for expressing your self as who you really are , and dressing appropriately.” Jan Fisher


  • metscan says:

    Guess what? The other day I bought a light grey knit so similar to the one of your friend´s on the last picture. Immediately I liked it, I had my jeans cuffed and this long knit is great, as the jeans nowadays are so short waisted. I also have an above the knee coat with 5/6 length sleeves by Burberry, which I have hesitated wearing, but now that I saw the red coat I feel much better. I´m still unsure of the leggings though…

  • Imogen Lamport says:

    Metscan – It's expected if wearing a 5/6 length sleeve to have a longer sleeve come out underneath it.

    Maybe you can be my next certain-ager guest!

  • metscan says:

    P.S. I forgot the question, which is about jewelry ( a popular topic these days ). I´so happy to see that there is none used on the jeans picture. The belt places the jewelry, which I think is great. How does Jan feel about jewelry for femmes of certain age ?

  • Kirsten says:

    Thank you so much for these posts of a certain age. I admit I have just turned the age that ends with a 0. I am experiencing the same as Jan did a few years ago when trying to shop. I have no idea what to buy and walk straight out. What seems to happen is that our style has to change quite a bit now and it is like being 13 again where one starts learning all over again. I was so afraid I would have to go dowdy so as not to dress like my daughters. I loved your post on Hero clothes. That made so much sense to me. My clothes are mainly supporting acts. Please keep these posts coming from yourself and Jan.
    On the subject of jewellery, what suits a small bust compared to larger hips (A-shape)

  • s. says:

    Wildly inspiring; thank you! She's gorgeous and I can only hope to look half that good when I reach her age.

  • Imogen Lamport says:

    Kirsten – I would look for some small scale jewellery, but with sparkle – many small pieces – that will draw attention away from your hips, but not overwhelm your bust.

    S – isn't she – I'm so lucky to have her in my life.

  • Lauren says:

    Wow, Jan looks so effortless and stylish! I'm 30 and would wear any of her outfits in a flash.

  • Cindy says:

    Jan is just so effortless chic and she looks amazingly 'young' in the red dress! I am always afraid of being frumpy but I am learning a lot from you in terms of proportions, contrasts, styling, etc. Always enjoy reading your articles. Thank you.

  • Imogen Lamport says:

    Lauren – she sure doesn't dress old lady!

    Cindy – Jan is a true artist where clothes are concerned, which is why she looks so effortless.

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree– red is her color!


  • Sal says:

    Jan is such an inspiration. I'd totally raid her closet!

  • Renae says:

    This lady is gorgeous…I like the look a lot.
    I am so very tired of this baby doll look and the '70's retro. I didn't like it in the '70's and I don't like it now.
    It is so hot here in the southern US and it is a challenge to be stylish and not sweat to death.


  • Anonymous says:

    Jan is lovely outside and obviously lovely inside too. How wonderful she looks in red!

    I love red too, and I'd gladly steal those red pieces…it's hard to find nice red clothing.


  • LPC says:

    She just has so much damn style. I love the photo of her in jeans, thanks so much for posting it. I have this idea that I am going to wear my boyfriend Levi's with a white t-shirt, black Ferragamo Varinas that I just bought, and maybe a rock and roll belt. Sort of dignified meets punk. But I probably won't do it. I know how to be correct. But I don't know how to be stylish per se. I am not even sure I have the persona for it. It's OK, I've made my peace with it, but love to have these inspirations so I can creep towards style at the same rate that I creep towards old age:).

  • Duchesse says:

    The hero coat is worth any price. I like how it's lively enough to have presence but soft enough to not wear her, at the same time.

    So many women will not permit themselves to spend on themselves. "We need landscaping", one said to me recently, in a rump sprung skirt and gnarled, ungroomed toes. You ARE worth it.

  • Imogen Lamport says:

    Betty – She does look great in all her colours, but just shines in red.

    Sal – unfortunately she's different colouring from me so I can't wear her clothes, but I would run away with them all if I was the same!

    Renae – yes looking stylish when it's really hot is very hard work!

    Christine – I think there is a line forming to get Jan's cast offs!

    LPC – sometimes it takes a while to define your style

    Duchesse – she's definitely got her cost per wear from that coat! And yes – you're worth it!

  • Karen says:

    Jan I love that red tulip coat on you. I have a trench that looks like that, but the red is killer! I thank you for inspiring us all in the blog world. Your new AICI buddy, Karen

  • Jamtart says:

    "some rules are meant to be broken" – I LOVE this!
    Jan is a stunning lady of great tyle. I'm in love with that red coat!

  • Imogen Lamport says:

    Jamtart – I think you'll be fighting Karen for it!

  • Vildy says:

    Wild about that red tulip coat.
    She looks amazing in it. And in
    all her outfits.

    What fabric is the tulip coat?

  • Belinda Hutchinson says:

    Hi Imogen
    The blog looks amazing!!! I haven't checked in for a week or so but what a delight on my return. Just gorgeous.

  • Imogen Lamport says:

    Vildy – the red tulip coat is made of heavy ribbed satin

  • WendyB says:

    "Rules are meant to be broken" — I like that!

  • Vix says:

    Great pieces all but the hero coat's colors, pattern scale and texture definitely looks to be a perfect match for her!

    [I can tell she has the personality to carry off that solid red, but I admit I prefer her in the 2 patterned items.]

  • Kelly says:

    Jan looks fabulous, and she is a real inspiration to me…having just turned 51, I am struggling lately with what's appropriate for my age…I don't want to look too young nor too dowdy!
    Questions for Jan: She has a fabulous figure, does she have to work hard at it (diet and exercise) any tips on that for we 50 plus gals? I think that's part of my problem, having gained some menopausal weight of about 20 lbs over the past few years my body feels really out of sync with how it's put together now, and I am just wondering how other 50/60 plus ladies manage?!

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