How to Choose the Colour of Your Swimwear

It’s been hot here in Melbourne the past week, and we’ve spent some quality time swimming in the pool.

 Often when shopping for swimsuits, the last thing that crosses many women’s minds is what colour to choose (so frequently, black is the way they go, even though it’s flattering for so few), but why not use the power of an eye enhancer to make a great choice and draw attention to your gorgeous peepers.

What is an eye enhancer?  It’s a colour that brings out the colour of your eyes and makes that colour look more intense.  A colour that makes your eyes pop!  As I always say – “If I’m looking at your eyes, I’m not looking at your …”
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Choosing Swimwear Colour by imogenl featuring Nike


  • K.Line says:

    I'm incredibly pale but i go for colours such as royal blue and orange. Sounds awful but (I think) those colours look nice.

  • K.Line says:

    Should clarify – I go with solids, but I have a few suits and I favour bright and deep colours.

  • Katherine says:

    I have Hazel eyes and seem to go for cobalt blue. I am a spring too in colouring. Guess i should try Kelly green.

  • Anonymous says:

    I am warm toned white skin. Till now I have been trying to go for skin enhancer: Little texture and a color that make me look tanned: apple green, bright orange, turquoise or periwinkle. But the idea to enhance the eyes is great!

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow, the eyes in the image have pretty creative colouring around them.

  • Duchesse says:

    I've got a couple of tropical prints in the cool palette that works- and keeps the eye moving- but also black, which does minimize my hips. I'm a classic winter, so there is more black in my closet than you or anyone in her right mind might advise.

  • Struggler says:

    Looking back, I have owned more than my share of blue swimsuits, even though my eyes are more hazel-toned. I definitely avoid red/pink/yellow as I'm not sure they flatter super-pale skin.
    The recent purchase that I love is a tankini with matching shorts – the shorts are designed to get wet and I love the option of having a bit more coverage. I wore them for a work pool party – enough said??

  • sallymandy says:

    This is something I never think about! Well, I try not to think about buying swimwear at all. But drawing attention to the eyes is a great idea.

  • Eternal*Voyageur @ Venusian*Glow says:

    How about contrast, like a blue swimsuit for a brown eye and vice-versa ? I'm asking because I'm brown eyed and I dislike brown swimsuits… they always look kind of.. well.. brown and tired. Similar to black swimsuits (yuck).

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