Colour Personality – 2. Natural – Relaxed/Casual

Following on from the post on finding your colour personality preferences, today we’re going to look at the 2nd group.

If you prefer colours that you’ll find in the natural world you like the colours of the Relaxed personality style.

These are the more softened and subdued colours that you will find in the natural world.  From sage and rust, through to soft blues and olives.  Your staple neutrals are more likely to be oatmeals, taupe, oyster,  khakis and browns.

You may also find that you prefer fabrics with some texture rather than being really smooth.  Many find they either like natural fibres and are kinesthetic, and have to feel the fabric before even trying on a garment.

Alternatively you may hate ironing and decide on only buying easy  care fabrics that don’t crease easily.

Often in this personality style comfort is one of the most important factors, many have described to me thoughts that if their feet aren’t comfortable, they just can’t think.

Some of the words that you may use to describe your personality include:

  • Relaxed
  • Casual
  • Unpretentious
  • Approachable
  • Natural
  • Easy-going
  • Sporty
  • Down-to-earth
Of course you may just like these colours and look for other details in garments from another personality style.

But even if you don’t identify with all these words, you may find one rings true for you.  If you were all of them then you’d be attracted to the Relaxed style as a whole, but if you only find a word or two relate to you, then this may be why only the colour palette attract you and you find other style elements from different personality styles.


  • Rosina at Middle Ageless says:

    This is interesting. When I read the description of this colour group in the past couple of days, I thought it would be "me." However, looking at the Polyvore collage, I find them very jarring and unpleasant. I don't see anything nature-like in them. So this is definitely not my colour group. I guess, being a Winter/Summer, I don't go for the yellowish hues. The personality type is very much me though, way more so than yesterday's for the neutrals.

  • Anonymous says:

    I second Rosina at Middle Ageless.

    The personality is me, and the colors that I like that I posted via a link yesterday Imogen classified as this group, too, but this specific set doesn't appeal to me that much. I do like the green and gray, but I miss the red and eggplant/warm purple tones, as well as chocolate (a neutral?) and teal blues. And dislike the yellow-based ones … though I like some shades of yellow.

    "Nature-like" varies a ton from place to place, I guess!

    – tall & slim anon

  • Rosina at Middle Ageless says:

    Anon. You sound so much like me…tall & slim, "liking some yellows" (pale and lemony or creamy perhaps?) Here on the West Coast, nature is either dark green, or very muted pastels with emphasis on greys, aquas and an almost pinky hue. Our sand is greyish. I can't stand red though. It really grates. I do have a fair amount of purple in my closet still. I'm not sure where that plays a role in nature but it's almost a neutral to me in that it doesn't seem to contrast at all with my colouring and integrates very well. I'm loving this series. I find colour fascinating.

  • Anonymous says:

    That's right, lemony yellows! :)

    Being in Canada, my red comes from scenes like this:

    I have dark brown hair and yellow-based skin and brown eyes, so I am a deep fall, according to some.

    There're many lilac and purplish flowers … and eggplants are part of nature, too!

    I think while for you it's the seashore, for me it's a autumn forest.

    – tall & slim anon

  • Rosina at Middle Ageless says:

    Anon, what part of this fair land are you from? Love the maple tree…just beautiful. I'd better go now or I'll be officially hijacking!

  • ChristineB says:

    Hmmmmmmm….nope, these colors don't do it for me either. Maybe it's my monitor…?

    When I think nature, I'm definitely thinking of browns (espresso & chocolate to caramel) and greens. The leather jacket is about the only thing that does anything for me, though it's too light colored and sort of yellowish on my computer – the rest looks *too* floppy/droopy. I'm relaxed but prefer a bit more
    polish, I guess. :-)

    I'll be looking forward to

  • ChristineB says:

    Ooops, posted before I finished my thought…

    I'll be looking forward to the other color personalities to see it any of them feel more correct to me.

  • Anonymous says:

    I hope Imogen won't mind if I post a link to her other 'relaxed' polyvore:

    That one I feel really at home with!

    – tall & slim anon

  • La Belette Rouge says:

    I am not attracted to this colur paletter for me. But I am very attracted to those boots.

  • Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP says:

    The polyvore is a very limited range of colours, just a few.

    Of course where you come from will change your choice of nature based colours. In Australia our light is harsh and bright, and so nature is different from somewhere that the light is softer and everything more muted.

    There is the entire spectrum of colours available, from purples (think of the sky at sunset) through to olives and khaki, stone and of course earthy browns.

  • Imogen Lamport, AICI CIP says:

    And I've chosen both warm and cool colours, though you will more likely stick with one of these undertones rather than cross over – so Rosina – you are cool and will prefer the cooler tones, whilst some are warmer and will prefer the earthier/autumn type tones.

  • s. says:

    Love love love these colours. Wear mostly from this palette and #1, too, although the personality description doesn't fit me very well. I think redheads are often encouraged to delve into these colours.

  • Deja Pseu says:

    I'll be the contrarian here. Me Like!

  • Mummymoo says:

    I'm with S. I love the colours but the personality description doesn't fit me.

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