What We Were Wearing at the AICI Sydney Conference

A pop of colour, add some stripes Brenda Kinsel with Imogen Lamport

People always ask me, what do you wear to an image consultants conference? I mean – the pressure to appear stylish in front of a group of your peers.

So I took a bunch of snaps of some of the outfits that were at the conference to share with you.

Neutrals - Jan Fisher, Helen Robinett, Annalisa Armitage

Image consultants aren’t scared of a print or two!


Prints and Dresses - L->R: Brenda Kinsel, Peta Stephenson, Suzanne Dekyvere, Evelyn Lundstrom

You could have seen some of the current trends including colour blocking.

Colour Blocking - Robin Powis, Leanne Carey, Janelle Cooper

And there were lots of dresses and prints in the room – we like to live dangerously!

More Prints - Kelli Boucher, Peta Stephenson, Sharryn Hurst


And then we can’t forget that there is sometimes a more plain outfit with a great accessory.

The hero necklace - Jane Allen, Sarah Gale


  1. ooooh. lovely, especially annalisa’s and peta’s outfits.

  2. I like the hero necklaces. And, I can’t help remarking, the best accessory is still a heartfelt smile! They are so radiant.

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