How to Figure Out Your Face Shape

People always ask me what their face shape is. Why would you want to know your face shape? Well it helps to find you the most flattering hairstyle and also affects the styles of earrings that suit you.

I’ve made this short video to show you how to figure our your face shape.


Once you know your approximate face shape you can then choose earrings and hairstyles to balance it.


  1. It also helps when picking glasses. Could you make a post on fhat one, maybe?

  2. valentine says:

    I think you look better with your hair pulled back!

    • I have to agree with valentine – it is a surprise to me how great you look with your hair back at the ears. Have you ever tried bangs and a ponytail? I like that look on my, but my husband doesn’t, so I rarely wear it.

  3. Helllo-I love your blog! I’m wondering if you should judge your face shape at rest or smiling.
    At rest my face is oblong. Smiling, my face goes straight to my jawline, then goes to a point at my chin. So I think that would be long/angular.

  4. Hello! Please help me to determine the shape of my face, what hairstyle do I need? thank you very much!

  5. Hi can i send you some pictures as still unsure which face shape i am. Thank you


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