Summer Wardrobe Capsule in Warm Colours

I catch up with your blog every day or so and have learnt so much. This item about the capsule wardrobe is fantastic, could you please please please do a similar one for a summer capsule wardrobe. I think I have the basics of the winter wardrobe together but I struggle with my summer wardrobe. I’m a busy working mum and I cannot get my summer work and casual wardrobe to work together so I have two separate wardrobes. I also prefer to have my upper arms covered but in our warm summer climate my options are limited as a lot of fashion is sleeveless for summer. Can you help?


32 Outfits in a Summer Capsule Wardrobe


It’s often much harder to have a summer casual and summer work wardrobe that are a capsule. Here I’ve added in a pair of shorts and jeans which will give you some more casual options as they can be worn with the same tops.   Having a jacket in a lighter summer colour that you can slip over your clothes, particularly if you work in air conditioning, will help to make a summer knit look less casual and more professional.

To extend this wardrobe, just add a few more tops in colours that work with your bottoms.

Make it more casual with a denim skirt or other casual skirt that works with the tops.

The sleeve issue is a really common one.  So many women want sleeves, so often fashion designers don’t put sleeves into their garments (it’s cheaper not to).  So you have to search harder, or you can layer a fine knit top underneath your knit, or add a lightweight cardigan, shrug or bolero over your sleeveless garments.


  1. I, Imogen.

    I too love you blog and find it most helpful. Your posts are really enlightning.
    Today i’ve come across an issue: I know how to go from your posts to the Polyvore section, and have been investigating your compositions there. But how do i go back from a Polyvore ensemble to the original post? I found an interesting one called ‘Facial features’ posted two years ago, that refers to the shape of the face replicated on the overall lines of clothing and accessories. I’d love to read more about it but can’t seem to find it using the search feature on your home page.

    Can you please help?
    Thank you so much for all your teachings, and please keep them coming :)

    Regards from Portugal

  2. Love your choices. I have two questions: Could you do a summer wardrobe for someone who has Autumn coloring. I find it hard to take the fall colors and make them look like summer. (No pun intended) My other question is I am considering switching my style to include more ‘Lagenlook’ style of clothing. I think those styles are very arty and figure forgiving for my inverted triangle body type. Could you put together a capsule for that style?? Thanks love your blog so much.

  3. I love your posts on how to put clothes together. Could you do a Summer wardrobe capsule for cool colouring.

    Thanks for all the great ideas, Sandy

  4. Thankyou so much for this post, it is just what I needed. Sad but true some of us need a “checklist” or guide to help us put our wardrobe together. Thankyou thankyou

  5. Morfudd Lewis says:

    Please can you do a Summer wardrobe in Cool colours. I’m packing next week for a trip in Europe (8 days) – a city break that is casual and smart/casual. Many Thanks

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