Finding the Right Texture and Sheen for Your Skin

Me - I need sheen and shine - see how shiny my face is and that's only an hour after powdering up!

Me – I need sheen and shine – see how shiny my face is and that’s only an hour after powdering up!

Have you ever thought about the texture or sheen of the fabrics you wear? The jewellery you choose? The makeup that suits. Did you know that some textures will look more harmonious on you and others less so?

In this short video, Jill Chivers of Shop Your Wardrobe and I discuss how to choose the most flattering textures and sheen levels for you to make you look your most fabulous.


  1. Thank you for another very informative video. I generally don’t think about harmonizing my level of texture to what I wear but it makes a lot of sense. I don’t enjoy wearing jewelry of wood or earthy textures and yet I also steer clear of a very glittery look. I tend to favor silver sculptural necklaces or unusual pendants on silver chains.
    Imogene, I really love this necklace!

  2. Thanks for sharing. I’ve never thought about texture & sheen in this way before.
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  3. Is it natural/ are there many people out there who are mixtures? Shiny face but textured non straight hair vs matte skin but smooth shiny hair?
    What should they go for?

    • They should go for a combination – you can wear shiny jewellery and matte or textured fabrics. You can wear sequins – which are texture but with shine, you can wear a brushed metal with a shiny stone, you can wear a combination of fabrics, some with texture some without and with some sheen …. there are just so many options and combinations!

  4. Love this video! Another piece of the puzzle falls into place. I’m amazed how many people seem born with a knack for figuring this out and some of us…well, need to learn. Which is why we’re grateful to you two!

  5. Great video! I like to try different hairstyles so I go from soft waves to stick straight. This information will help me to decide which accessories will work best with each style. I am attracted to all types of jewelry from pearls to tumbled stones. You have shown me how to co-ordinate my accessory options with my hair and clothing choices. Thanks!

  6. As always, I love your videos with Jill Chivers, they have such a positive and relaxed feeling while getting the information across. Taking texture and sheen into account is a new idea for me, one to think about. And btw I can’t say enough good things about your hair colour and cut…you look wonderful.

  7. So, I have acne scarring. What clothing texture should I look for? Or does the scarring matter and should be ignored?

    • Avoid really smooth fabrics which will make it more obvious. Anything from a knit with a little ribbing, to a marle fabric (that grey kind of blotchy fabric you see in sportswear), to tweed or anything a little bumpy!

  8. This is great material! I have always had dull, dry skin which is very low sheen. My hair has a lot of texture and very little shine. I have always known I look good in dull metal finishes and in beads with little sheen. I just never understood why. I have never owned a shiny satin blouse but own lots of textured cotton ones. I feel perfectly at home in them. I always though I just wasn’t very girly. Now I get that the texture and sheen of my clothes needs to match my personal texture and sheen. I agree with Jill – you are a genius!

  9. BarbaraLoyd says:

    This is one of my favorite posts. Years ago a color consultant told me to wear silks and satins, rose gold, lace, etc. After reading your post, I now understand why. Perhaps that is why I like sparkly jewelry and touches of same on clothes!

  10. sandrawilliams says:

    This has been one of the main concepts I’ve ignored. When I was analyzed and told I was a “winter” and that the pat formula of shiny looks good on me, it just didn’t feel right. You see, my hair is gray now and also has shades and tints of silver and has lots of texture. I find that I like jewelry with texture in silver more than shiny.

    Here’s my question: since my face has some freckling and my hair is textured, how much texture looks best. In this course, I read that you need to balance the texture with the opposite texture. How do I figure out how much texture as opposed to non textural elements to use? I also have some shirts and tops that lack texture and not sure how to accessorize them and where to place the texture?

    Any tips? Thank you for this course. I’m glad I signed up for it.


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