What is Monochromatic Dressing anyway?

Could you also clarify monochrome? I know it’s technically different shades of the one colour but so many magazines and websites are calling black and white together monochrome, so I’m wondering how it works with two neutrals together.


  • Mono = One
  • Chromatic = Colour

So is just means One Colour  it could be all blue (or shades of blue) all green (or shades of green) or even all shades of brown.  That is the technical meaning of monochromatic.   Many people think it means exactly the same colour head to toe, it can be, but it doesn’t have to be.

You can choose a dark version of a colour and that can act as your neutral, and then team some lighter versions of that colour for interest.
Navy, deep burgundy, deep forest green and brown can work as neutrals to hold your outfit together.

monochromatic dressing in brown


monochromatic dressing in blue
monochromatic dressing in red


Dressing in Black and White (and grey) should actually be called Achromatic – as black and white are without chroma (colour).
achromatic dressing in black, white and grey



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