Breast Reduction Update – 6 Weeks Post Surgery

6 Weeks post breast reductionHard to believe but I’m now 6 weeks post my reduction, and I’ve forgotten what it felt like to have larger breasts (my shoulders and back do still feel like there is less strain on them than there used to be).

I’m now allowed to go back to higher impact exercise (though I haven’t run yet) and lifting heavier weights. I did a Pump class at my gym (and now I’m paying for it) with really light weights the other day. Not having lifted anything for weeks has really made me a weakling again! But it’s great to be given the go-ahead to resume weight bearing exercise.

I’m continuing to paper tape (micropore) my incisions. I’ve been changing them once a week, and each time a few stitches come away on the tape. It all appears to be healing really well. Having done a whole lot of research on scar management and reducing scars, I’ve decided to keep on taping for another 6 weeks until everything has really healed up well. The research seems to be that taping helps to stop the scars from stretching and so they heal flatter and less obviously. I may hit a point where I try the silicone scar sheets, but it seems that the tape works just as well.

There is very little pain now, just the occasional stabbing or other weird nerve pain, not that painful. I’ve found that if I rub my breasts it goes away really quickly (it may look weird when I’m out in public, but it’s effective).

I’m still wearing a soft, crop top style bra to bed. It just feels more comfortable being more contained, particularly when I’m lying on my side.

I’m now at the point I can venture out of the wire-free bras into regular underwire bras again. I shall be taking myself bra shopping this week to see how it all goes and what size I really am!


  • Leah says:

    Good to hear all is well and you are healing fine. I’m so glad you are not in extreme pain!

  • Trish says:

    Imogen, you look wonderful. I am so pleased to hear it is going so well.

  • elle says:

    So glad to hear you are doing well! Your post about having the surgery was the extra push I needed to go for a consult with the surgeon which I did last week (and survived the awkwardness of standing topless in front of my handsome dr. and his more handsome assistant while he lifted my boobs and then took photos while I tried to make conversation. .) Now waiting for the insurance to decide if they will cover it.

    • Imogen says:

      I’m so excited for you Elle – yes standing half naked with people drawing on your breasts is a pretty weird experience, but so worth it! I will always remember my doctor saying as she lifted up my breasts “my they are heavy aren’t they!”

      So hope your insurance will cover the operation!

  • Nancy says:

    You look fantastic Imogene!

  • kay says:

    You look so happy. I really want to do this! I’m a 36DD, would love to be smaller.

    What size were you and what are you now?

  • Jean says:

    I’m glad it’s going so well for you. I wish I could have one done soon but alas my son Daniel still requires me to bend down and lift heavy things such as him. At least in my dreams I have smaller boobs and better eyesight.

  • KimM. says:

    Glad to hear your recovery has gone so well! Mine did too. Have lots of fun shopping for new, beautiful bras this week!

  • Shawn says:

    So glad you are recovering well, Imogene. How do you feel about the above photos with the contrast of dark and larger, light and smaller? Can you relate to the differences and “own” how you look now?

    • Imogen says:

      I’m starting to feel like me more, but it does take some getting used to! The light bit is still the most weird (but somehow in my head I don’t ever think I thought I was as big as I was!)

  • Elisa says:

    happy to hear you’re recovering quickly^^ kisses

  • Robyn says:

    Glad to hear that you are progressing so well and are happy with the results. The not exercising part must be hard to get used to when you are in the swing of going to the gym. Good luck with the bra shopping.

  • Lyn says:

    It may just be the way the black sweater is made or the background difference, but it seems that in the first picture one can sort of see how your bra straps were digging into your shoulders before where as the second photo it appears that has changed. I know that permanent strap mark on the shoulder well. I’m so excited for you and glad to hear it’s all going well!

  • jenny_o says:

    So glad to hear you are having a good recovery!

  • Heather says:

    So happy to read how well you are doing! You look fantastic!

  • Tina says:

    Glad to hear you’re healing well! I had a reduction done about three years ago and I’m so glad I did. Things just fit so much better and no more train tracks and back pain.

  • alanah says:

    You look gorgeous! And the blonde hair matches your blue eyes so well, i love it!

  • Hi Imogen

    I have been following your progress. Thank you so much for documenting your story. I am doing some research into breast reduction and would be ever so grateful if you or any of your readers could fill out this survey as to whether they believe they are a candidate for breast reduction:

    Your feedback will help other women on this journey.

    Thanks again

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