Hi!  I’m Imogen Lamport, a Melbourne Australia based blogger and internationally certified image consultant and I created both my image consulting business Bespoke Image and this blog Inside Out Style with a clear mission – to help women look and feel amazing every day without stress and confusion.
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I’ve been working with clients as a personal stylist for over a decade now and love seeing my clients become more stylish, it’s what keeps me here sharing my passion with you as I know that image can be a key to confidence and empowerment for so many women.
Now I didn’t start our stylish, not at all!  In fact I’d say I started out decidedly unstylish, though I’ve always had a passion for clothes and started sewing my own clothes as a teenager.    Fortunately this skill taught me about construction and clothing design, but it was my ‘non-manufacturing standard’ body shape that made me start my quest to discover why my friends, who were the same size as me, looked good in clothes that made me look terrible.  I have been on a quest since I was 16 to discover what made my unique body look and feel great (and it wasn’t my school uniform!).
Fortunately I know that you don’t have to be born with style, you can learn how to be stylish at any age!
Back in the early 1980’s I read the book Colour Me Beautiful which fascinated me and made me realise that there was some kind of science behind the art of style and through my life, through other jobs in publicity (Penguin Books Australia) and communications (CSC) previous to me discovering image consulting, I’ve always been intrigued by the how and why of style.    So when I discovered it soon after my son was born (and he’s now a strapping teenager who is taller than me) I realised that this was the career I’d been looking for all  my life.
After taking training as an image and colour consultant Imogen set up my personal styling business  Bespoke Image.  In 2006, my dedication led me to become President of the AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) Australian chapter. I worked tirelessly to raise the industry’s standards of training and professionalism, bringing the AICI’s First Level Certification exam to Australia. In 2007, I  was honoured as Chapter Member of the Year.   I’m currently serving my second term as VP Business Development on the international board of  AICI.AICI_Melbourne_red_0409.jpg-
In 2009, I  was awarded the Certified Image Professional certificate from the AICI, an achievement that acknowledges a highly competent level of training and experience and am  proud to be one of only a handful in Australia to have reached this level.
Imogen co-created the Absolute Colour System of 18 colour directions in 2009, based on the science of colour as described by Albert Munsell.  This revolutionary colour system works for all skin tones globally.
As an expert in image and colour I’m is regularly interviewed by the media on various image, colour and fashion related topics.
My passion for teaching and sharing has led me to establish a personal styling training academy so others can become image consultants through my Academy of Professional Image in Melbourne, which she runs with her business partner Clare Maxfield AICI CIP.  I also conduct workshops for fashion retailers and retail optometrists, and volunteers to run workshops with cancer patients through the wonderful Look Good Feel Better organization and also an ambassador for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation.
What I love to do is share my considerable knowledge with everyone from stay-at-home moms to corporate executives so you can get up, get dressed, get out the door, and get on with life feeling and looking great.  Not sure where to start your style journey?  Well here are my tips on navigating Inside Out Style.
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Imogen’s Building a Blog to Build Your Business webinar was fantastic! She over-delivered and exceeded my expectations by offering great content and numerous online resources that I could immediately implement to increase my business growth. Through her interactive teaching style she kept me on the edge of my seat, highly engaged and entertained. I’d highly recommend this course to anyone looking to either start or enhance their current blogging style to attract different revenue streams. She’s an awesome role model for all of us follow to learn secrets to blogging success. Thanks Imogen, for a wonderful opportunity to learn from the blogging master!

Sarah Hathorn, AICI CIP, CPBS
Illustra Consulting & Illustra Business Consulting

Please feel free to contact Imogen to ask her a question, book a consultation, or for media interview.

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I attended my first Nuffnang Blogpolis and I was a little ambivalent about what it might provide me with – as a very part time blogger and passionate freelancer I found that the first session, run by Imogen, gave me the best of both worlds. She was engaging, confident and clear about the ways in which people can create content that will attract readers, keep them engaged and then prompt them to comment – the holy grail of the blogging world! The suggestions not only provided suggestions for my blog but it helped me refine some pitches that I had been working on that weren’t quite catchy enough for me to send them out with confidence. Thanks for a great introduction to the world of engaging content Imogen!  Sarah Wayland www.thatspaceinbetween.com



  • Beverly Siek says:

    Just found your site via Pinterest and signed on to follow many of your boards. Am dealing with two issues, one needing to whittle my wardrobe, so signed up for the 6 week mini course on shopping and sorting out what I have, and why I have so much! And second, my hair color. Is there a way to get a personal consult, some input from you? I love your style and the fact that you are a platinum blonde by choice make me want to ask for your opinion. I am on facebook, the photo there is pretty much my color at this point. I feel inspired, and can’t wait to read more of what you have posted! -Beverly Siek

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